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“Well, where do I go, Uncle Bob?”

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our forty-item private line of made-in-America printing items.

“Do you have free Boarshead samples like the lady at the deli at Publix?

We do have free samples for some items for people that are seriously interested in promotional items and not just enhancing their wardrobe.  We won’t be able to clothe your Beer League flag football team, The Convicts, in mismatched sample t-shirts with our compliments but we understand that you want to see up close and to examine what you’re buying to represent your organization.

Our sponsor wouldn’t spring for matching shirts, shorts, or Terrible Towels hence we got back at him by only playing .300 ball. We had pretty teeth though.

“So do you care enough to guarantee your work or do you just not care? “

We want you to make sure that you get what you want…no surprises because when you’re not happy you won’t do business with us again…and you’ll tell your friends and make posts about how we’re a bunch of clowns on our Facebook page.

You might go to Twitter or Google+ or Pinterest…and tell us where to go and how to get there.  We don’t want that to happen and you don’t either.  So satisfaction is guaranteed or we make it right…plus we descended from those Irish “Gangs of New York” lads and we’re trying to Do Right (hat tip to the late Coach Erk Russell of the Georgia Bulldogs and the Georgia Southern Eagles.)

Coach Erk Russell told his players to “Do Right.”

“So, how do I place an order?  Some of this seems confusing.”

Your orders are not processed through the catalog since we like to confirm the options are correct.  We take credit card information over the phone or wait for your check to arrive before we process an order.  All orders are placed through Kaeser-Blair, a 120 year-old Ohio company.

“Who you gonna call?”

Bob in Statesboro: 912-682-6378

John in Atlanta: 678-386-4694

“No time to call, JohnBoy?  Send an e-mail and tell me what you want.”

Thanks for stopping by and we look forward to hearing from you!

 John Robert Conley

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Because you want to spend your money wisely: statistics on promotional product recall.

82.6% of people can recall the company name that is printed on a promotional product

74.6% remember the specific product, service, and message which is 15% to 50% more than other forms of media like television, online, and print ads…

20.9% of consumers made a purchase of a product or service after being given a promotional product of that company.

52.6% of those who received a promotional product had a favorable impression of the advertiser compared to only 33.2% approval after seeing a print ad. Commercials came in at 27.7% on the “I like them” scale which was still twice as much as online ads which had an anemic 11.9%.

83% of consumers like getting promotional products

48% want to be given more promos

58% keep these promos from one to more than five years

91% of folks have a promotional item in their kitchen

Well, what do want?

Let us know what promotional products you want to consider to help build your loyal base of customers and your profits.  Feel free to ask questions.  If we don’t know the answers to your questions, we’ll do our best to find the correct answer.

There’s no obligation and our products are satisfaction guaranteed.  If you like, subscribe to this blog and please give us feedback and what types of products or services that you want to make your business more efficient and successful.  Samples are available for some items. Maybe, we can help.

John & Bob Conley

83 billion reasons to care about how your customers are treated

According to the graph below, $83 billion is the cost of sorry customer service in the U.S. However, retain 5% more of your clients and your profitability jumps 75% according to the folks at ClickSoftware.

Yeah, Jim earned my business because he’s friendly, helpful, and his prices are better than the UPS Store nearby.

I had two good experiences today.  Jim at my Pak-Mail asked about adding more packaging to my delicate shipment of Cisco networking gear.  It only added a couple of dollars and provided extra protection with the guys in Brown shorts grinding the gears to San Diego. Do UPS pilots show off those gams too?

Now, Pak-Mail ships through UPS as well as Fed-Ex and DHL.  We have an account with UPS even though you take your chances with a caffeine-sotted Brown Shirt & Short backing over your green metal box of computer tech and leaving you SOL and in the labyrinth of getting made whole by United Package Smashers.  The folks at the UPS Store that I used seemed to be getting tired of seeing me show up with my gear to ship.  Oh well, Jim’s willing to help and I highly recommend him if you’re near Lawrenceville.

Is Dr. Evil in today at Google?

You gotta admit this picture’s pretty dang funny.

“Dear Dr. Evil, does Adwords affect organic Google search results? Just wondering…”

Next, I had to call Google the Antichrist to get help with AdWords.  The online coupon I had didn’t apply since our firm is already a customer.  I still had questions about Google Places since for some reason we had three accounts.

Juan in Ann Arbor was patient and got my accounts cleaned up and questions answered.   He even claimed that he didn’t know when Google was going to put balloons all around the world and crank up that free internet for everybody.

Of course, I was a little skeptical but hey Juan was towing the company line and I’m sure the NSA goons were listening somewhere so who can risk being truthful when the sacred Google parchments that Serg and Larry wrote in blood are still being revealed (read “Is Google God?“).

What do you do when you get treated poorly by a business?

If you believe that you can treat customers poorly and you’re not a member of the last mile internet service monopoly ruling class in Atlanta, check out the graph below for some keen insights into the sometimes obvious and painful reality about customer perception.

Click to enlarge How the Cloud is changing Businesses Source: ClickSoftware


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