38 of the best articles & videos that I can find about the 4-H.

4-H is the biggest youth organization in the these United States of America with over six million participants, 540,000 volunteers, 3,500 professionals and a whopping 60 million alumni!

This list will be continually added to as we find more articles to share.  We recently were authorized by the 4-H to offer our line of premium printed items with the 4-H name and emblems (yes, thank you…thank you very much.)  Please let us know if you would like a free sample of our work to see how beautiful these 4-H custom-made products look and how well-crafted they are.  No obligation and satisfaction guaranteed.

4-H Million Trees Project – this group only has 685 likes on its Facebook page (as of July 31, 2015)!

On a turkey farm, 4-H meets slow food  Mother Jones

A 4-H member shows one of her turkeys…photo by Slow Food Russian River

How 4-H took Big Ag money without selling out  Mother Jones

We walk our pigs in Oakland  Mother Jones

Garret Post at his coop of chickens

Military kids and 4-H put green thumbs to work in garden  Dispatch

They know the drill – Georgia’s Spalding County 4-H Drill Team  Southern States

Spalding County’s Drill Team

Animals will break your heart  High Plains/Midwest AG Journal

Autistic scientist, Temple Grandin, talks of humane humane animal care  Chicago Sun Times

What they don’t tell you at graduation will matter most in life  Bonnie AyersFarm and Dairy

4-H alumnus Bob Saum reflects on leadership experience  Farm and Dairy

Rural youth loans through the Farm Service Agency   USDA FSA

For the love of farming  Farm and Dairy (comment: farmers talk about their love for their lives)

Sunrise at the family farm in Bulloch County, Georgia

Ohio 4-H alum makes his mark internationally  Farm and Dairy

David O’Brock

Today 4-H camp focuses on science Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Is 4-H only about farm animals and trees? Nope  SanBrunoPatch

Dairy Excel: Spirit of hope lives in the inspiration of volunteers, faces of farm youth  Bonnie AyersFarm and Dairy

Love of agriculture drives man’s passion for collecting farm toys  by Fred Hendricks @ Farm and Dairy      


Finding her place with 4-H (an often overlooked club helps a young woman with a neurological disease thrive.) Chicago Tribune

4-H clubs flourish with crop of urban locavores by Lisa Wallace @ SFGate

Local food movement is helping this local farmer make a living   Farm and Dairy

Success one clip at a time  Farm and Dairy

The Ayers Theory: E=mc2  by Bonnie Ayers @ Farm and Dairy

Hershey caps 4-H career with horses as world pinto champ  Farm and Dairy

An awesome website from Addison Richards, the owner of Forefront Farms and a member of the Canfield Clover Kids 4-H Club…he only farms 3 acres with pastured broilers, turkeys, guineas, eggs, organic heirloom vegetables, and rabbits.

Greetings from nowhere  Farm and Dairy: (comment: a good retort to those who say that folks living on farms have “nothing to do and nowhere to do it”)

Farm dream boils down to one thing; Family  Farm and Dairy: (comment: after living in Atlanta for over 20 years and being raised in one of the biggest farming counties in Georgia, I can relate to this man quite well)

At the end of a rope halter  by Bonnie AyersFarm and Dairy

Safety engineers urge tractor safety  Farm and Dairy (comment: the agricultural industry has the highest rate of occupational fatalities …it’s estimated that one half of tractors in use today don’t have rollover protection services(ROPS) in place)

Five reasons to buy from your local 4-H.  Chef Kelly LikenEatocracy

Chef Kelly Liken on five reasons to buy from your local 4-H

Tufts University researchers say that students that are active in 4-H make better decisions.  4-H.org

Our youth are the future of agriculture by Bonnie AyersFarm and Dairy (excerpt: “Experts forecast a 50 percent growth in the world’s population to about 9 billion in the next 40 years,” he said. “That increase will require a doubling in food production!”)

Best advice for 4-H’ers: “Shows are won at home.”  Farm and Dairy

Youth need the foundation 4-H provides   letter to the editor @ Farm and Dairy

Showing horses for two Ellsworth sisters turns out to be a family thing  Farm and Dairy

4-H alumnus entrepreneurship, Melanie Hurley: Piggy Paint (non-toxic nail polish inventor!)  Missouri 4-H

4-H made me a leader: a college-level alumni perspective of leadership life skill development  Jessica Anderson, Jacklyn Bruce & Lauren Mouton

Family and 4-H cultivate achievement for the Teggatz’s  Iowa State University College of Human Sciences

Library exhibit tells the story of 4-H  North Carolina State University Agriculture and Life Sciences

The history of 4-H:

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