Bob Conley, Statesboro’s Promotional Products Maestro

Bob Conley and Family at The Beaver House

Bob Conley and Family at The Beaver House

Bob’s my Dad…always has been, always will be.  He got me to work on this website for him since it’s not his forte’.  By now, you may think it’s not mine either.

Dad is a fourth generation Bulloch County native.  His great-granddad came over from Ireland and, at some point, became known for riding his horse through the Bulloch County Courthouse.  In later years, the old home place became a 62 acre site off of Clito Road near Leefield.  Dad’s granddad cut hair on the front porch of the still-standing shotgun shack for ten cents a head (take that Mike Crews!) – Note: Mike is a comedian masquerading as a excellent barber; jokes are served up all week long at The Lion’s Den.  He’s probably too booked to fit in any new customers but you can try at 912-764-2624.)

"Bob Conley", Statesboro, "Bulloch County"

Bob and oldest grandson, Dylan, fishing on the farm in Bulloch County

Later, my grandparents lived there and operated a farm with livestock and row crops, and always had a vegetable garden for the family to enjoy (man, you should see me shuck some corn and shell butter beans).  In 1941, Bob was born in the old house and even though he moved to Atlanta in the mid ’60′s, Portal in the late ’60′s and early ’70′s, and Statesboro for over 20 years, the farm had too much of a pull on him.  Mama and Dad built a house there and left the traffic and congestion of the ‘Boro and Edgewood Acres behind (cue up the “Green Acres” theme song.  My brother, Mark lives down there too.  He can play the part of Eb.)

Bob Conley of Statesboro Marketing and Promotions

Bob Conley of Statesboro Marketing and Promotions

Now, Dad’s helping local businesses promote their companies with all kinds of items.  He’s an independent distributor for Kaeser-Blair (K&B) which was founded in 1894 in Cincinnati, Ohio. K&B provides our graphic design and back office support with the over 4,000 suppliers that we have available.

Click on this link to be taken to our huge online catalog of 777,777 items and let us know if you want a sample or to purchase something.  If you don’t see what you want, we’ll try and find the item(s) for you with no obligation at all.

Here’s a much smaller catalog (7,777 items) he uses (he’s got plenty more – pretty much whatever you can think of to put your logo, website, phone numbers, etc. on.)

Be creative and pro-active.  The economy is reeling and folks still need to be reminded you’re in business.  While your competitors cut their marketing and promotions efforts, take advantage of it.  You don’t have to give them the hard sell, give them something they can use and remember you by – especially those top 20% of your customers that make up 80% of your revenue (take a little time and see how true that is.)

Give him a call at 912-682-6379 or email him at and see what he’s got to offer.  His company has all kinds of free catalogs, prices are given upfront, and he has samples of some of the promotional products too.  If he doesn’t have a sample on hand, he can get one for you…no obligation, of course.

Warm regards,

John Robert Conley

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